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The Facebook debate….

There has been lots of verbiage going around on the ‘net about Facebook’s privacy policies or lack there of.  Many folks now advocate opting out by deleting one’s account (not an easy thing to do; Facebook really really wants you to stay) and Dan Yoder over at has is list of Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook.  The fact that nothing you post on Facebook is ever truly private is a compelling reason, if that is something you are concerned about (there are lots of reasons why many people do care about privacy).  To counter Yoder’s position, read David Lee King’s 10 Reasons NOT to Quit Facebook.

Which ever way you go, remember that your personal information is yours to control.  You can tailor your Facebook profile and feed to suit: read this post by librarian Bobbi Newman on opting out.  Also look at Facebook’s own Help Center pages like this one on Social Plug-Ins.

Regardless of your decision about Facebook, or any other social media, be aware of what you are putting out on the Internet about yourself.  None of it really ever goes away and some of it can come back to haunt you.  Or worse.

Quick update on another issue with Facebook profiles and apps, from Today @ PCWorld blog.

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